Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WoW Journal 2/10

Hey all,

I'd like to clarify that a lack of new posts has less to do with falling back out of posting and more a general lack of things to post, though I'll give a general update.

Two weeks ago my guild began poking Naxx10 with a stick. Naxx10 poked back, but we poked harder. First time in (even though we had an experienced Naxx raider and some good geared folks) we downed the full Spider Wing with a few wipes and then went to the Plague Wing[1]. We got Noth the Plaguebringer on first time in. It was pushing on midnight server time when we reached Heigan and gave him a few attempts... *hums the Safety Dance* but were not able to learn the dance properly.

Then this past weekend we made our way in again, easily knocking over the Spiderwing with no setbacks at all and again finding our self at Heigan. Three tries of death, and we were ready to give up and try another wing but chose to gave him one last try. Managed to net us a win with three men standing. Warrior tank, Holy Priest and Retribution Paladin. Was a long fight but we danced right (and according to the people who did survive, their arms felt like jello afterward).

Also, if you're already dead, watching the Heigan fight while either Canned Heat (the song from Napoleon Dynamite that male Blood Elves dance to) or Yakety Sax (the Benny Hill Theme Song) makes it about a billion times better.

After downing Heigan, we continued on our way and took down Loatheb on our second attempt at it (first time the tank got hit with two seeds early on and people needed to slow up on DPS and we weren't able to down him in time...).

Other non-raidy news includes the acquisition of my first piece of Tier 7 gear: The Death Knight 10-man tanking chest. This is non-raidy news because I bought it with Emblems of Heroism. I chose the chest piece instead of the cheaper T7(10) Gloves for two reasons.

First off it drops from the Four Horsemen, and it's likely to be a while before we see those. As of right now my guild is only raiding one night a week (this is killing me!), so getting down Maxxena and then making our way to Loatheb took most of our night. Even if we were able to one-shot everything, that would leave us little time to poke the Construct Wing, let alone the Military Wing (I realize that we can do any wing we want, but that's beside the point).

Second off, on our first night in Naxx I got the tanking gauntlets from Grand Widow Faerlina, but I was still running around in the blue chest from Revered with Wyrmrest Accord, so it was a much larger upgrade. Yay for another piece replaced with a iLVL 200 epic!

Hmmm... what else... Almost done with the Elder achievement (just in time to boot!). All I'm missing are the Old World Dungeon Elders (can do those in a fricken snap!), though my friends are missing the Azjol-Nerub Elder, so on Wednesday we're gonna do a Heroic Azjol-Nerub run (would do it tonight, but tonight's D&D night! Woooo! I'm a nerd!).

Also managed to net myself the achievements for Exalted with Kalu'ak (Let us trade... for our prosperity.), Wyrmrest Accord and Knights of the Ebon Blade. Got Exalted with Alliance Expedition, though because I got Exalted with the Alliance Vanguard, I was given the achivement the moment 3.0.8 went live (whoops bug).

That about covers it for recent stuff. With me closing in on finishing up the rep grinds in Northrend (Revered with both Sons of Hodir and Frenzyheart, along with Argent Crusade and Kirin Tor) pretty soon I'm going to start poking the around Outland for the achievements up there. Rep grinds galor to spend my time doing while waiting for people to do other stuff. Honestly, it'll be a long time before I level up Alixander (if I ever bother to...)


[1]Some people say the Construct Wing is easier than the Plague Wing. Others say the opposite. Not looking for opinions on what order we should do this in.