Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quick update

Working on another long Death Knight post, but in the mean time, two weekends ago (on the 24th) my guild did our first real foray into Zul'Aman (unlike our previous attempt) . We had a few issues with the learning attempts on both bosses (DON'T RUN FROM THE EAGLE UNTIL AFTER THE STORM IS OVER!), and apparently there are some issues with me taunting the Bear boss off of our other tank, but we still managed to walk away with the first two ZA bosses down! Woot! Got the Off-Hand fist weapon from Nalorakk and the healing neck from Akil'zon.

And last weekend I was traveling, and wasn't getting back until almost midnight Sunday, so my guild had to make due without me. It was a bit slower, and they only cleared the mandatory bosses in Kara up to Chess, but still it's good considering that I'm definitely the best geared tank. Plus this allowed others to practice MT roles which is something I usually end up doing for speed's sake.

Been a while since I updated what was going on in my guild so I figured I would.