Monday, October 1, 2007

Not just "yes", but "Hell yes!"

As usual this weekends nights were dominated by Karazhan raiding fun.

I didn't go into detail last week, but we took a couple of unsuccessful attempts at Terestian Illhoof, before going onto Chess Event for easy loots. Side note: Paladin tanks would probably be best for the Illhoof fight as either imp add tank or for Terestian. Kil'rek is bad for Paladin tanking because there are long periods where we aren't getting hit, which means no mana recovery. Even chugging pots I was still dry for most of that fight.

This weekend, on Saturday we cleared up to the Opera event by 10 pm. We usually go to 11-12, but we were down a person. This is notable only because it means we can clear all the way to Curator (possibly beyond) in a single night. That means more time for working on new encounters for Sunday!

On Sunday we hopped in the backdoor and bowled over Curator like the wussy trash he is (now). He dropped
Garona's Signet Ring and the Gloves of the Fallen Champion (Paladin/Rogue/Shaman gauntlet token)! WOOO! I even rolled a 100! Double WOOO! So yes, I am now the proud owner of a pair of Justicar Handguards!

After this we pushed our way to Chess Event, spending way too much time on the library (15 minute AFK wut?). Chess event dropped healy plate and a +STR/AGI/STA neck, both of which went to our ret paladin. After which we worked our way up to Prince (decided to try Prince instead of Illhoof).

So we get up top and see Prince Malchezzar clomping around his area. So we go over the strategy, making sure to impress on everyone that a lot of the fight is luck (where the infernals land). So we go in, and on our first try we make it to 17%! The only reason we lost was that I moved and got out of range of the healers who couldn't get closer due to infernals.

The way we ended up wiping we had to release and run back. This is where the fact that we spent too much time in the library came back and hurt us: We had to reclear some of the mobs from the ground floor of the library to get back in. We got hit hard on the second try, losing 2 people in about a minute, then an infernal landed on top of someone, causing us to lose them. We called a wipe at that point.

We get up and try again, this time trying an altered position. I get in position, and the Hunter used Misdrect to pull onto me (Prince is running at hunter, hunter shoots glowy shot from her to Prince, Prince takes a sharp left running right to me... WHAT?). We were able to get him down on our third try ever, and on the first night! What's that mean: We're awesome! I did have to use LoH at the last moment, but otherwise it went great (at least for me... not sure how frantic it was for others).

The one thing I really noticed is that I'm really not well enough geared for this fight. I was staying at almost full mana the entire time. I need better armor, more block value and more avoidance. I simply need to be taking less damage, because right now I shouldn't be able to spam every ability (including Consecrate) full time and still not run out of mana, due to incoming heals.

Anyway, the Prince dropped the DPS caster cape, the Decapitator (or whatever the 1H axe you can throw is) and the Helm of the Fallen Champion. Unfortunately I didn't win the roll for it, but hey, we still got him down on our first night! WOOOOOOO!!!!!

In a few more weeks, once we are sure we can consistently get him down we'll start taking stabs at Shade of Aran (for completing the quest to get access to Nightbane). Hopefully I can get my grubby little mitts on a Justicar Faceguard soon.

EDIT: OMG super missed word from hell. Edited in red and bolded.


Honors Code said...

You are probably better off doing Shade before Prince. If you can get Shade on night one, that wipes out a whole lot of trash you don't have to deal with for night two, plus you can teleport to Shade's room from the entrance once he is dead.

Galoheart said...

Try and try again, sounds like you had fun there. Congrats there.

Always good to see you writing stuff.

Michael said...

The prince is a great fight for a well-geared paladin-tank. He hits fast (which can burn through a warrior's shield-block), he's a demon, so there's plenty of extra-threat available through exorcism. It's basically a DPS race to knock him over before you get hosed by infernal spawns.

However, a pally will need to have most of the Kara tank gear to not get hacked-apart by the prince.

Either way, gratz man!

Zerei said...

On the subject of Illhoof...

Since we lack warlocks in our little guild here, it falls on me to add-tank during Illhoof. It's a complicated affair as I've also got to be healing. Mostly it's just keep the consecrate ticks going and call for AoE to clear them out from time to time over vent. We have one of the healers dedicate themselves to healing me so I have the mana to continue the consecrate spam, and I meanwhile help heal the MT/Kil'rek tank and the chained person in the meantime.

Lots of fun, but I usually die by the end. On that note, the Legacy of the Mountain King book buff is very helpful there, as the occasional +100 resistance will reduce your damage taken by about 20% on average. And with that many imps hitting you it's bound to stay almost perpetually active.

Just have to keep Conc aura up to avoid spell interruption!