Monday, November 19, 2007

Zul'Aman & shiny new helm

This weekend, being the first weekend after the 2.3 patch, we decided to take a stab at Zul'Aman. According to Blizzard it is "for guilds that can defeat Prince Malchezaar", and one of the officers used this to base that we would be ready for Zul'Aman (since downing Prince is something we do almost every week). Problem was that I believe when Blizzard said "for guilds that can defeat Prince Malchezzar" what they meant was "for guilds that have all of Karazhan on lock-down".

We haven't even done a full clear, let alone have the place on lock-down. Even for guilds that can do Kara in a single night, if they aren't doing 25 man instances, they probably need to get some upgrades from the BoJ vendor. Very clever of Blizzard to add those items to help guilds that can't do 25 mans catch up a little to do ZA.

Anyway, so we went in and poked around. Met some of the mobs, like the Amani Bears, Amani Warbringers (eeek!), and did the gauntlet leading up to Akil'zon's area. The Akil'zon gauntlet is a total blast and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately our group was ill prepared to fight the pull right before Nalorakk (lack of humanoid CC hurt us badly). As for our few attempts at Akil'zon, we learned some stuff but we weren't really ready for it. In the end we left without beating a boss, and really decided we just weren't ready for ZA quite yet. But we'd be back with a vengeance some day!

After our less than successful attempt on ZA on Saturday, the next night we went back to Karazhan. We did a mandatory-only boss run up to Prince. As I've already stated, there's nothing I want from Moroes, Opera, Curator or Chess save the Badges, but we got some good loot. When we made it to Prince we had a little trouble with our first two attempts from Infernals dropping right on top of me, but our third try was just easy as cake. Prince then dropped his healing cape, healing mace and the token for my helm! Wooo! Since I was the only one in the raid who could get the token and hadn't already gotten it, it defaulted to me. I now have both pieces of my T4 from Karazhan, and everything I want from Kara that we can currently get. The only things that I really care about getting now are the Mantle of Abrahmis and the
Shield of Impenetrable Darkness (going to replace my Breastplate very soon).

I was originally planning on making this post two more topics long, but since I take so long in making each post I'm just going to do this one, and follow it up with the next two topics.

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Galoheart said...

You and the guild will get a better shot at Zul'Aman in short time I'm sure.

You always learn more from a failed attempt than you do on a successfull attempt at anything.