Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nightbane down, and I need better DPS gear...

This weekend my guild started out in Karazhan, clearing Moroes, Opera, Curator, Chess, Prince and Attumen (in that order). After we finished up Prince at 11 or 11:30, we figured we had enough time so we hopped down and kicked Attumen out of the way so we could access the repair guy.

The following night we re-entered Kara, starting off with facing off against Nightbane. Now, I realize it's possible for a Paladin tank to take on Nightbane, but I tried twice, and each time people died, even when we got him down to 50% (prior to the call for a wipe). Can it be done? Absolutely. Can I do it? Yes I can. But much like Maiden, having me do it is harder than it needs to be.

So Gurneyman, the warrior tank who has been gearing himself up, was called upon. He preformed more than admirably. His first try, we downed Nightbane with a minimal amount of deaths, and those only happened when Nightbane was in the air. After Nightbane, we went and downed Illhoof and Aran (first time for a guild-only run). Go us!

For me, during the Nightbane fight, since we already had 3 healers, I opted to try my hand at DPSing. In a dismal performance, I was only putting out 250 DPS during that fight. While I wasn't ideally geared for DPS (more tanking gear than necessary) it made me realize that I really need to do what I mentioned a few posts earlier, and wade into BGs to pick up the Gladiator's Aegis set.

Now, it was offered to me to join the Arena team I play with on my Mage. I considered, but hadn't decided. Last night I hit up Arathi Basin on my Paladin, trying out a few different specs.

First I went for a Prot/Holy build, with enough points in Prot to be able to tank if needed (33 for Holy Shield + Imp HS), while the rest in Holy. While I didn't mind healing, needing to stop and stand still while I healed, would lead to a dead Alix. It took my a while to figure out the right balance for Kaziel, but I've learned that unless the spell has an incredibly short casting time, or the enemy is running away, you don't want to stand still while casting a spell. On my Mage the only spell I normally stand still to cast rank 1 Frostbolt, which only takes 1 second. This is too short to normally interrupt and slows my target for 9 seconds, with a 15% chance to freeze them in place. For everything else, I use insta-casts. Having to stand still to heal my targets in PvP is a dangerous and painful gamble... one I would rather not take. In a way, this experience was very enlightening. It showed me that I'm not likely to enjoy playing as a Holy Paladin in PvP, so I've put Derras on hold, possibly indefinitely (If I level a Ret Paladin I want it to be a Blood Elf and not just for SoB).

After that, I tried a more offensive build, emphasizing survivability and the type of gear I already have. While I did not suffer from the problem of holding still and being interrupted, I learned something else valuable: Without a good source of Damage Over Time or high burst damage, a class doesn't bring much to PvP. Since another class can come in and heal quickly, unless a class can constantly quickly sap another's health or blow them over in two to three hits, they will be taken out by others who can. While I do have access to a DoT (SoV), it is neither ranged, nor overly powerful. SoR's damage pales in comparison to the type of damage I need to put out. While I was able survive decently, my lack of good burst or DoT damage really diminished much value I could bring.

So I've moved back to my previous 0/45/16 build, and I'll just crappily PvP in that, maybe trying to heal. Not sure. After I get the Marks I need, I'll just throw myself time and time again into AV for the honor, since I know I can tank there and I'll do a damn good job at it too. Also, not going to join up for my Arena team on Alix. Just too much of an annoyance.

Finally, this cemented the previous move I was working on. I had been thinking before that I wouldn't like all the standing around healing and being vulnerable. On the other hand, I knew Druids excelled at HoTs, two of which are insta-cast (Rejuv and Lifebloom), along with another insta-cast that uses a HoT as "fuel" for it's heal (Swiftmend). This allows Druids to heal on-the-move, making them a painful class to oppose in PvP. Prior to my experience PvPing on Alix, I had already started working on Cielthan, a Night Elf Druid. In my spare time I will continue working on him, both as a means to further understand Feral Druids (how I plan to level) and to make a Resto Druid for PvP (planned level 70 build will be something like this).


Galoheart said...

Gratz on the guild first.

Thinking about doing some BG at some point for the S1 Mace. Though i've never ever done much BG's i'm willing to suck it up and just have Fun with it while trying. If anything maybe i get half good at doing BG's even if my class and spec is not optimal to perform there. I guess i'll do whatever maybe there to earn the point. Given what you said i'm sure my DPS won't be any better, so i'll just intend to have fun really.

Eerc said...

PvP as a prot is good for AV. Usally for the other BGs I let the DPS do their thing. Having higher than normal HP and Damage mitigation on meleee. Just go defense on those area's ya can, it's funny watching Warriors and Rogues try to kill ya. Which takes a while, then call for help. You get decent honor to from defending an area also. This is what I have been doing on Mezane, but if I feel like being agressive I use Eerc.


Anonymous said...

Both of my guild's Nightbane kills have featured Paladin tanks, for what it's worth - I had about 14k hp unbuffed, the other might have had a little more. It is possible for a pally tank to tank the ground phase and the skeletons during the air phase.

One key is to have the tank (regardless of class, really) topped off as far as health as much as possible, especially before the fears. 3 healers makes it much easier, but 2 awesomesauce healers can do the job.

BompaH said...

I must say that as both a DPS (Mage) and a Healer (Loladin) I can understand your point about moving and casting in PvP on the mage, as one or two shots and she is usually a pulp on the gound (she is PvE specc and gear) but on the Loladin things are a world of difference, now his gear is no where near good enough, but I have defended towers for a long long time as Holy in AV, Concentration aura and low rank concecration with constant FoL should keep you alive and the Tower Uncapturable long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

Don't forget a paladin is a healer designed for taking a beating, and as such for you to stand stil and cast is generally not a problem, even when the opposition are clever enough to actually go after the healer that is keeping that lone warrior alive through their barrage (that it takes them 1 min to get the message is just as fun every time) you can usually keep yourself up for a significant time, and if things look really rough, there is always that amzingly OP bubble... and don't forget the weaker bubble against rogues and warriors, they don't share a cooldown you know.

Just to make one thing very clear: I hate PvP, I think it is one of the most boring things in the game and every BG or PvP encounter makes me gag, but for some reason, running around as a Holy Paladin and watching 3 pepole trying to kill you, fail miserably is stil quite entertaining and it does make the grind for those items which actually are worthwhile less of a grind.