Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Name change!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention it (though some of you more astute might have noticed the change in the link to the right), but I changed the name of my DK. Despite being a new character, everyone still called me Kaziel, Kaz, Alixander or Alix. This, combined with the fact that another of my guild name had a shortened version that sounded like my shortened name for my DK (Saiyarik's was shortened into Sai, and the other member was Sylaurin, pronounced Sigh-Lauren, shortened into Sy) I decided to change my DK's name and I did so choosing to combine my two known names into one:

Kazalix (pronoucned Kaz-Alex)

Before I decided on doing it, I had jokingly said I'd change my name to that. Then when I did it, I logged in and one of my friends commented "YOU DID NOT!" to which I repled "I DID!" and that alone made the price of the name change worth it.

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