Monday, November 2, 2009

Alix is ready for Ulduar!

First off, this weekend was a light one for raiding. On Friday I got in a ToC25 alt run with one of the better raiding guild as Kazalix (along with a number of other guildies). Was there as a DPS and Kazalix's DPS isn't too terrible, though he could definitely do better. Saturday was a non-raiding day for me (Halloween!).

Then on Sunday the guild put together an Ulduar run that turned into FL + Naxx. It originally had ten people, but after two no-shows (again), and one saved to Naxx and not wanting to get saved to Ulduar for one fight (on Sunday night? What?), which left us with seven folks (and a horribly undergeared and badly played eighth). Anyway, we chose to do Naxx to assist Alix in gearing up more quickly and it was definitely a score. Only did two wings (Spider and Plague), but netted me upgrades for my bracers and gloves and a good sidegrade of a ring.

All-in-all, I feel that Alixander is finally ready to join my guild in Ulduar10. He's sporting 28k Health unbuffed which puts him only 2k short of Kazalix unbuffed. While he still sporting a few iLVL 200 blues (cape chest and boots), he also has a number of iLVL 219 or higher items gotten from various sources. He's definitely not main-tank material yet, but he's definitely on his way.


Honors Code said...

You can upgrade your chest pretty quickly. Buy the token for your 226 chest from Conquest badges which drop in every Heroic.

Honors Code said...

For Boots the 226 Spiked Death Dealers are BoE and crafted by a Blacksmith.

For Capes, the Platinium Mesh Cloak is a 219 cape available from Badges.

Kaziel said...

Oh I know about the badge bought stuff, though thanks for the heads up. I'm currently saving up my badges for my chest (45 as of last night!) and will probably buy the chest piece by the end of the weekend at the absolute latest. I could have it as soon as tonight if it weren't for the fact that I just picked up Dragon Age: Origins and it's siren song calls for me. :D

As far as shelling out the money for some BoE boots (as pretty as those sound), I just don't have the money lying around right now. I changed Alixander from a JC/Miner to Alchemist/Scribe, and without herbalism to get me "free" herbs with, I ended up shelling out a pretty penny skilling them up. So at this point I'm using my newfound skills to help recover from my monetary losses.