Friday, August 3, 2007

It's official.

Death Knights are going to be a new class. And based upon the initial text, it will be a normal class. Woo!

While I love Alixander to pieces... If DKs can tank...
Death Knight.


For details, keep an eye on ;)


Sean said...

Yeah... I read through a leaked FAQ and they sound interesting. As far as adding another class goes, it sounds like this is the way to do it.... unlockable content that starts at a higher level.

And a DPS/tank hybrid? Yes, please!

Galoheart said...

Sounds like a Class perfectly pitched for a Paladin. I mean Death Knights just resemble a Paladin gone mad... Arthas anyone.

Death Knight - Melee/Spells/Plate
Paladin - Melee/Spells/Plate

Yeap both Hybrids.

I know i'm dreaming of a been a Death Knight just drop the Blood Knight and bring death as a Death Knight. However Need more Info.