Wednesday, August 8, 2007

y helo 2 u Exalted with The Consortium

So like, I'm done. With Rep. Pretty much for good.

Yeah, there's still the Netherdrake Faction, but since that's limited to Daily Quests, and I'd end up doing them all anyway, just for the moneys, I don't consider that a rep grind. This marks the last true rep grind I had to complete, and it's done.

Last night I log in to find that some guildies (Mage, Balance Druid, Rogue, and our new Holy Paladin who's in some T4) want to do Black Morass. I'm like "Hey, I'm game." So we go out to the instance, only to find that the Rogue (one of the two who really need it) hasn't done Old Hillsbrad, so 5 level 70s proceed to tear their way through it, and move on our merry way to Black Morass. We easily clear through it, despite it being the Rogue's first time.

As we're finishing up BM, I notice I'm at around 2,000 rep until Exalted with the Consortium. I ask four of them (not the Rogue) if they are willing to help me get Exalted by doing half of a Heroic Mana-Tombs run. They agree, we replace the Rogue with the guild's Shadow Priest, and zone in. We sweep through the zone pretty easily, taking down the first two bosses, which is enough to net me Exalted!

About half way through I get asked to do a Shattered Halls run. No rest for the weary, I guess. So I finish up with HMT and hop a ride over to HFC. We do a very fast run. Of course it had to be fast... we had no CC. Party consisted of Warlock, Prot Pally (me), Ret Pally, Balance Druid, and Holy Priest. Twas fun. Killed almost everything, and the only time anyone died was when I was Scatter-Shotted in the second hallway.

Finally finished up around 1:30ish and pretty much straight crashed. Was a good night, but a long one.


Michael said...

Gratz on getting exalted with everyone. I'm still working on getting REVERED with most of the factions.

What I really wish for in the next expansion is that the rep BC players are getting now is somehow useful in WotLK, i.e. maybe some extra lvl 80 rewards or quests, etc. Nothing huge, just a bit of a head-start would be nice.

Otherwise it gets to be like Timbermaw or Argent Dawn rep, no one really cares about those anymore....

Kaziel said...

Well... I'm not quite exalted with everyone... Just with the factions I deem it worth spending my time to get exalted with.

For example, I'm not really worried about getting exalted with Keepers of Time. Getting access to a tabard, a rogue dagger, a pair of priest healing bracers, & a trinket that gives stamina (not a lot), resilience, and an aggro dump (uhh... no thanks). Not tools I would put to use, so as a result not going to work hard towards getting faction with them.

In the same boat are Honor Hold, the Kurenai, Lower City, Ogri'la, the Sha'tari Skyguard, and the Sporeggar. Those are all factions that don't really give me much for Exalted, so I'm better off going for 300 Riding Skill (currently at 2,800 gold).

Michael said...


You mean you don't want to get exalted with the Sporeggar?

In all seriousness tho, Honor Hold has some nice paladin tanking swords.

The Blade of the Archmage:
A fine replacement for the Continuum Blade.

Whether it's worth the 6 runs through shattered halls to get Exalted is up to you. As a holy paladin, it's a secondary goal for me, as it makes a great holy DPS weapon.

Kaziel said...

The gain of 40 spell damage does not justify the loss of about 15 stamina. If I was going to go for a weapon like that I'd dump my time into doing repeated runs of Shadow Labs or Heroic Sethekk Halls for the Gavel of Unearthed Secrets. 24 Stamina, plus around 160 spell damage is much nicer.