Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Libram of Repentance is mine!

It seems kinda minor since technically I could do it in three nights if we did entire Mechanar runs, but I finally got my 15 Badges of Justice last night and went and bought myself my Libram of Repentance. With MotW, BoK and Holy Shield this puts me at 99.29% uncrushable. Almost there. About the only thing that would really be an upgrade to me now would be the Faceguard of Determination.

It always kinda floors me that people say that the LoR sucks. Of course they are comparing it to things like the Boomstick from Anzu the Raven God (Heroic Sethekk Halls) which has lots of stamina. Now I take a look at the equipment of high level warriors and most of them are using trinkets that give either dodge, defense, or block value. Here we have an item that fills only one slot that gives more crush avoidance that two trinkets of approximately equal iLVL value. Tell me, where are you going to find 5% and change crush avoidance in one slot?

While I will admit that as I get more and more crush avoidance gear it will become less valuable, I know, for a fact that I can replace some of my gear and enchants with +damage or +stamina equivalents.

And this applies to gear in general. It seems like people focus too much on individual slots, instead of looking at the greater whole of all gear. They need to realize that you can essentially consider all gear one giant pool of iLVL points that are assigned to certain positions. Having one slot cover 5~% of the required crush avoidance is a very efficient way to spend those iLVL points.

Also, by spending iLVL points from your total pool on trinkets with a "Use" ability, a lot of those points are going to waste. While I'll be the first to admit that "Use" abilities are quite handy, even the shortest ones I've seen are on a 1 minute, 30 second cooldown, which means that you can't rely on them to keep you alive. Just help you out in a pinch.

Until I reach the point where I cannot find something that I can swap out, instead of the LoR and lower my crush resistance to 102.4% or a little above it, I'm going to hold onto it. Plus I know I'm going to lose some of the uncrushability I get from the early Karazhan tanking gear, as I slowly gather my tiered gear. I still think too many people dismiss the value of spell damage gear. But that's just me.


Michael said...

"I still think too many people dismiss the value of spell damage gear"

Yep, lots of Paladin's are in the dark about spell-damage. There's a bunch of tankadin's in my guild that look at me funny when I suggest they get the Blade of the Archmage from Honor Hold. I was talking to a Guildie last week who's been using Honor's Call for a number of weeks for tanking, and he was amazed at how much aggro he generated by switching to the Archmage. My only comment: "I told you so"

Galoheart said...

Gratz on the Libram!! Seem you worked really hard to get all those badges to get it. More Blocking sounds good and for the defense it adds.

I found that the little spell damage gear i have when i did get it made soo much difference in fights compared to when i didn't or had very little. Having one trinket to also boost my spell damage made even more of a difference. That amazed me seeing the difference in fights.

Andy said...

IMO, the Continuum Blade (Revered with Keepers of Time) is a much better Pally tanking weapon than the Archmage. Pally tanks have a use for spell hit (less resisted Judgements), while we don't care about spell crits at all.

Andy said...
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Kaziel said...

2nd post by Andy was a double post.

And yes, I think the Continuum Blade is better than the Blade of the Archmage for Paladins. I think Michael was saying that The Blade of the Archmage was better than the Honor's Call, which is the warrior tanking weapon from Exalted with HH.