Monday, July 9, 2007

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

So I haven't posted in almost two weeks. *le gasp*

Just been in a non-WoW-y rut. More Star Wars-y. I still play WoW when I'm needed (still only 70 tank in the guild), and enjoying it, been playing a fair amount of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and just this week began reading the Legacy of the Force series. Finished Betrayal last night. So good!

Anyway, two weekends ago we killed Attumen again. This was... how to phrase it... not a very smooth kill. We won first time, but it really could have gone better. But all things considered it showed us something very important. Anyway, it went something like this:
  • Balance Druid in bear form and tanking gear goes in and starts to beat on.
  • I go in after her and drop JoW on Midnight for Retribution Paladin to keep up.
  • I miss Attumen spawning at 95% and he two shots the warlock.
  • I grab Attumen before he can do any more damage and start to tank him.
  • Not sure what happened right about here, but all I do know is bear off-tank goes down and Midnight proceeds to devastate Retribution Paladin, Rogue, and the Mage in under 10 seconds.
  • Before the wipe is called I quickly grab Midnight and attempt to start tanking both. I succeed.
  • Raid currently contains: Protection Paladin (me), Holy Priest, Holy Priest, Balance Druid who's healing, and a Hunter.
  • In what has got to be one of the longest Attumen kills ever, we slowly ping him down. Battle lasts so long I need to reapply 15 minute Blessings to remaining members.
So, while it was a ridiculous but amazing kill, it showed that I can solo tank Attumen, so for future fights against Attumen I just solo tank both Midnight and Attumen.

Afterwards we fought our way up towards Moroes and threw ourselves at him repeatedly, but to no avail. We did learn a lot though.

This weekend we easily took down Attumen, and I have declared him on farm status officially, and afterwards we took down Moroes in two tries. Considering that our two off-tanks are the Balance Druid in bear form and a Retribution Paladin with sword and board that's pretty damn good. After that we went and killed us some

On a related note we really need another tank. We have one warrior who's prot specced, but he's currently unable to login (his computer is borked), so right now we'd take about anyone else as long as they wanted to tank.

In other news, I'm less than 1000 rep away from exalted with both Cenarion Expedition and the Scryers. That will only leave me with needing to get exalted with the Consortium, getting my Netherdrake, and doing some heroics for BoJs for things I can do solo. Woot!


Galoheart said...

Humm. Didn't know there were rumors of your death.

But i sure was wondering if it had happened somehow. Yeah, false rumors i guess.

That fight sound like a hell of a fight if you went that long to re-apply a 15 min blessing. Kuddos to you i say.

Michael said...

Minor Rant:

On the subject of pally-blessings, how come we get hosed with just 15 minute buffs?

What purpose does that really serve?

Why not quadruple the cost of the reagent and just make the damned thing 1-hour so it matches with everyone else's buffs?

Nibuca said...

@ Michael

Amen brother, sing it.

And it gets even worse. The "real" pally blessing are actually only 5 minute blessings. AND every-damn-body wants a different buff "Can I have kings? I only have 6 mins on BoW, can you refresh?" It's enough to make even the most even tempered saint (which I am not) absolutely grumpy.

BTW: Kaziel, missed you. Feared for your life. Figured you'd been ganked by a warrior and a Ret Pally.


Keiya said...

Wow that sounds like a long Attumen fight..grats!

It would be nice if our blessings were at least 30 minutes. But hey, it's better than the 5 minute blessings

...anyone remember doing MC without the greater blessings? Literally continuously rebuffing 40 people for 5 to 6 hours *shudders*

Oh, great blog by the way *goes back to lurking*