Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So... who's exalted with The Scryers?

Oh yeah, I remember, I am.


Last night after getting home a bit late (was at the bookstore) I did my daily quests for money, then followed up with getting the 30 Sunfury Signets I needed to reach Exalted. Oh hell yes!

That's about the only thing to report. Toodles!


Sean said...

Did you just grind Blood Elf mobs for this after doing the Netherstorm/Shadowmoon Valley quests? Exalted just seems like such a long way away.

Kaziel said...

After completing all the rep quests available to me, and in line with my Daily Goals post I went out and ground 4 turn-ins worth of items a day. 4 sets of either 10 signets or 1 book. This would net me a minimum of (not counting the human rep increase) 1,000 rep if I only turned in signets. If I got any books it would up my daily rep by 100 points per book. When you consider that it's 21,000 rep between revered and exalted, that's about 21 days worth of grinding. It's not nearly as monumental a task that way.

Brodir said...

Congradulations!! I just got Aldor Exhalted myself... feels good to be done with that grind.

Although, I took the easier approach and just advertised in the trade channel for Fel Armaments at good deals and now have a stack of 62 dust in the bank! =P