Monday, June 25, 2007

Setting daily goals

This weekend I realized probably the best way (at least for me) to work on getting towards my other goals (rep and money) is to set daily goals. Now, when I say daily, I'm using the term loosely... Any day you would log in to play anyway, work on doing these. If you have to choose between going out with family/girl or boyfriend/pay attention to your kid/anything else, those things take priority over a damned video game, but if you're going to be playing anyway, work on your goals. :)

For me, right now my goals are:

Making a minimum of 100g a day.
Earning a minimum of 1000+ rep with Scryers a day.

My long term goal is 5000g and Exalted with Scryers. Looking at it from the perspective of needing 21,000 rep with Scryers to get Exalted, that's pretty damn intimidating. But I'm already at around 8,300 rep, so that's about 12 more days of repping with them. It's not nearly as intimidating in that case. Then after that I'll do something similar with Consortium rep. Once I finish the two non-instanced rep groups, I'll up my daily farmed money to work on getting my epic flyer.

Also, one thing that helps a lot when making money is doing the 5 daily quests for Sha'tari Skyguard and Ogri'la. Once you reach 70 you can get your flying mount and do the prequest for Sha'tari Skyguard (right next to the flight master in Shattrath), and do the quest line that involves killing the Sons of Gruul (5-man). After you do some quests this will free up 5 daily quests and a few others as you get higher in rep. These quests take around an hour to do all 5 and will net you about 60g a day along with various rep rewards! It's a solid deal.


Galoheart said...

Its good to set daily goals in WoW i find they help allot even in simple things for progression.

In Outland so far its just rounding up all of HellFire Peninsular for me. I just hit Honored with Thrallmar on the weekend. I did had a goal for that in getting the 2 Alch recipies for me vs running off to some other zone to quest.

Setting then in the game saves soo much wasted time in WoW.

Zerei said...

I am a big fan of goals like those you mentioned myself. Glad to see I'm not the only one doing it :)

My goals are more geared towards alts, however. And not so much daily, as I'm not very good at determining what amount I should go for in a day.

So, mine is more of a timeline, which also helps to prevent burnout (instead of powerleveling one class, I bounce around between all of them). And really it's to be done between the things I do on my main character, such as raid, etc.

But when I'm not raiding or whatever, I play my alts, and so I'm currently working on getting my mage to 50. Once that's done, I work on getting the next alt in line a level or two. And I agree with Galoheart, it prevents wasted time.