Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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Also, I was going through the Paladin and Warrior tanking sets on WoWHead. I'd recommend checking they out side by side... it's interesting, specifically the stamina values. While in the lower tiers (4 and 5) we still have less Stamina than Warriors, the difference shrinks between 4 and 5, and most interestingly by Tier 6 we actually overtake them (not by much, but hey... we still get more haha!).

I was thinking about it, and what initially starts out as our weakness (needing Intellect and Mana regen) in later game turns around and becomes our strength. The reason why is because after a certain point, more Intellect and Mana regen won't really help. The amount of mana regen needed is probably more than we can get, but (for example) having 10,000 mana instead of 8,000 won't turn the tide of battle. So once we figure out and reach an ideal number for mana, we can stop worrying about Intellect. Also, in this vein is spell damage. As we go through tougher and tougher raid instance we need to ramp up our spell damage, but only by small amounts I would imagine.

Warriors on the other hand are going against tougher and tougher monsters who have heavier and heavier armor. Since they will get more and more armor as they progress, and will go against harder mobs as they progress, the amount of rage they will generate will probably go down over time. So they have to keep working on getting more Attack Power, Agility (for crits) and Strenght. Also, base damage is the only stat they can increase that will improve their threat generation, and they increase it nearly as easily as we can, since a few (if not a majority) of their threat generating abilities are not damage based (Armor Sunder comes to mind).

Unfortunately, Paladins will get a bad rap in the lower raid instances for tanking, and if we ever become equal to Warriors in the higher ones, and it's going to be hard to push back the to the front. The whole "First impressions" problem, as it were.
Now, the gear I mentioned is the new stats for the Tier sets from the PTR. *glee* So if you ever plan on getting into raiding, I'd suggest giving them a gander. Also, they have them up at MMO-Champion if you're behind a firewall at work (like me).

Also the post I referenced above clarified something for me. Specifically how becoming uncrushable works (information still needs to be confirmed by a secondary source). This info may be common knowledge to some, but to me since I'm just now getting into tanking, and I never really needed to know how melee attacks worked before (as a Mage I was intimately knowledgeable about spell hit and resistances and such) I was working from a mistaken base concept.

In unrelated news: Mastgrr's back!

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Galoheart said...

I saw and read the post over at BOK ad well as the previous one on crushing blows and for me it was just a interesting read understanding the consepts and difference in warrior and paladin gear. I actually learn quite a bit just reading between the exchange of thoughts.

The one thing i find most interesting was when you said in post about things on tanking issues posted in the forum i guess WoW forum like 10 months ago for people to know but yet many people not aware of that info or other tanking things. So it only surfaces back to light when someone else bloggs on it and ask questions and we all now get to read it and hear about it.

I happen to fall into the catogery that there is allot that i don't know and people seem to expect you to know tanking. Well i only learn what i didn't know when someone else bloggs about it or i learn it first hand, whichever comes first.