Thursday, May 24, 2007

I speak Kazielese?

Or something, because I swear I'm speaking a different language than everyone else over at the MainTankadin Forums.

Okay, my point: Getting the right mix (whatever that is for whatever point you're at) of stats, while remaining uncrushable is our goal. Once we reach uncrushable, it's fairly easy to stay there. But it represents such a large base number of our iLVL points it puts us at a disadvantage compared to warriors.

What people hear: "Becoming uncrushable is hard and sucks! Not fair!" or something equally not what I'm saying.

*bangs his head against the desk*

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Joanadark said...

Believe me, I sympathize.

Like in any mob of people, any idea tends to get taken to an extreme and then fanaticised as doctrine on the paladin forums, especially in regards to the (for us) new and extremely complicated field of tanking.

Even when the general perspective gets changed or turned around, it becomes equally extremist.

And, of all roles, extremes in tanking are within the most narrow ranges of all, making a good portion of positions people sometimes take rediculously unviable.

You made a butterfly analogy, but I personally like one about moving a big rock.

You, the raid, are a big strong man. You need to move this big 'ol rock, the boss.
To do this, you have three options; tip it using a lever, lift it, or chip it up into easily managable peices and then move them.
Each method approaches the problem from a different angle and have their unique advantages and disadvantages, including the materials needed, the time it takes to complete the job, and the amount of effort required.

Paladins are represented by lifting up the rock by brute strength.
It allows a man with lot of strength to take advantage of their power, but the heavier the rock gets, the less possible lifting the rock is.

For a weak man who would struggle to move the rock by lifting it, the other options, which possess the attribute of requiring less effort, become more appealing.

On the other hand, a strong, powerful man who chooses to use a lever or to chip the rock into peices will not be making full use of his great strength, but still is accomplishing the task equally well.

The problem with paladins is that we are not equally easy for weak men to use to move really big rocks, and even strong men still can use the other two options without really caring either way.

p.s. I liked how that example turned out so much I'm gonna copy it into the maintankadin forums.