Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The new Spiritual Attunement and Mana/5

So 2.1 is here, and there are various mixed cries of Doom, Gloom, and Indifference. The one thing everyone can agree on: We're not getting as much mana. This was a foregone statement, with the change to Spiritual Attunement, but the question is how bad has it hurt us. I've seen mixed reports, some saying that they are having issues even up in Karazhan, and others saying that while it's not good, it's not that bad either... I still have to check out an instance myself, but I am firmly of the belief that the answer is more Mana/5. The best option, IMO is to get some Mana/5 gems. Downside is that Mana/5 falls under the category of a "blue" gem type, which means it's either Mana/5 or STA. Not a choice I really want to make *grumbles* It's not really an option with pre-KZ gear, but I figure it's doable once you start getting into Karazhan and get some of the socketed tanking gear. Still really don't like going under 200 spell damage...

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