Wednesday, May 16, 2007

List of Pre-Karazhan tanking gear

Oh my god! Where'd the post go?

Well after the last few posts I really looked back over my original advice, and all I could think of was: "Wow... this list is could be a lot better." It's not that it was bad, but when I originally did it I was a much younger Paladin, still learning the ways of things (it was almost a year ago... WHOA!). With time comes experience, and since then I've grown and experienced a lot more than I ever expected to. Now using my accumulated experience, I've redone my list, in addition to making another one for the purpose of goals to work towards with Badges of Justice.

Also, with the advancements of technology, making this list has become easier than ever. With the creation of Warcrafter I was able to throw together this list in about an hour or so. Back when I did the original list it was the better part of a day's work. Heh.

First comes the "classic" pre-Kara list. This is just items from non-heroics and no badge items save the Libram of Repentance. Just to cover my bases, the Gladiator's Gavel is honestly a better option for your main weapon if you can stand doing PvP.

I plan on eventually doing a list of goals to aim for with Badges of Justice, but with 2.4 on the near horizon which will expand the available upgrades a lot, I feel that this is a bad move. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your view) every one of our slots gets a good upgrade. My advice is just to save up any badges you get after you get your Libram and check back here then.

Well, there's the quick redo of this post. Hope you like the new list (no JC only trinkets this time ;D), and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to post away, and keep fighting the good fight, Paladins!


Anonymous said...

This list is great! I'm a tankadin and working on uncrushability.

Do you knwo where one can find a similar resource checklist for Prot warriors?

Kaziel said...

Unfortunately I don't. I put this list together using a combination of the I referred to by Nibuca, and my own research.

General guidelines for a warrior's gear are:

A lot of STA (11k health is a good goal to shoot for)
490 defense
A ton of Shield Block value (increases Shield Slam damage).
STR and AGI are also good if you can get them with a lot of STA.

One thing that's nice about Warriors is that as long as they have 490 defense and a good tanking spec, they will reach uncrushable as long as they have Shield Block up.

Glodurin said...

Natasha's Battle Chain might be the only swap-out i'd make in this list..

Glodurn - fellow Tankadin :-)

Kaziel said...


While it is a good piece, especially for fighting non-boss level mobs due to it's high amounts of STA and block value, the lack of any real avoidance stat other than defense makes it not so great for working towards being uncrushable (which is the intent of this post).


Veneretio said...

A great list. I have one like this coming down the tube soon at for warriors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this list! I have a few of the items that you listed, but i'm not sure where to get Sha'tar rep. Can you help?

Anonymous said...

Sha'tar rep is gained from running any of the TK instances in Netherstorm.. such as Botanica, Mechanar & Arcatraz. Or raiding Tempest Keep - The Eye.

Z said...

Hey Kaz. Great List, BUT. Personally I would change your sword to the gladiator's gavel now available through honor points (only took me about 3-4 days to grind enough honor) and replace the sheild with the Badge sheild, Azure something or rather. Its better even counting the gems/socket bonus available with the crest. other than that its real great. Thanks so much for the help.

Kaziel said...


I've tried PvPing as a Paladin, and I just can't stand it. Tried respeccing into Holy. Tried it as a Prot Paladin, and I don't have the gear to do it as a Ret Paladin. While I will certainly agree that it is a top-notch piece of gear, it just wasn't for me. But I will update the post with it listed as alternate gear.

Mythias said...

Was wondering if you had an alternate Trinket for the Dawnstone Crab as it is a BOP for Jewelcrafters?

Dimelos said...

Yea I was wondering the same thing as Mythias. I was also wondering if there is a better trinket than Dabiri's Enigma?

Kaziel said...

This is a mark for myself, dividing between the Old post and my Warcrafter new version.

Jacob said...

Hi Kaz,

I'm confused - when I go to the warcrafter page, I only see little picture-icons for each piece of gear. No matter how hard I try, I can't get it to show me names or stats for the gear.

I've tried clicking on the helm. Hovering my mouse over the helm and waiting for a tooltip. Nothing.

I've tried clicking on the "Model" tab - no item names or item stats. I've tried clicking on the "Change Equipment" tab - no item names or stats.

This is likely warcrafter's fault, and not your own, but their interface is really bad, if it doesn't let me see the names of the gear you chose.

Jacob said...

Aha - it appears that the problem is that the warcrafter site does not work properly for those of us who have macintoshes.


Anonymous said...

Is there any difference in me using this list to develop my Blood Elf Tankadin, since you are Human Paladin?

Kaziel said...

There is not. I specifically designed this list ignoring racial differences. This list works for any and all races. I just chose Human as my listed race since that's the one I play.

Anonymous said...

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