Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WoW Journal 2007-05-29

First long weekend in a while. Vegged for a lot and played a good amount of WoW.

On friday (I think it was Friday... maybe Saturday) got into a Shadow Labs run and managed to get my first Karazhan key shard, along with a Greatsword of Horrid Dreams. Also tanked Murmur... hate Sonic Boom. :( Still need to do more runs of Shadow Labs for the trinket and the healing chestpiece (and Lower City rep of course...).

Learned an awesome method for fighting
Grandmaster Vorpil. Basically you pull him and run south, past where any of the NPCs spawn, down to near the entrance of the room. I would advise walking backwards to keep your weapon and shield aimed at him. Then he'll teleport everyone and you run north to near the corner of the hallway leading to Murmur's room. If he's still alive when he teleports again, you run south. If he survives one more teleport, you probably don't have enough DPS, and there's too many VWs at this point. Note: Learned that technique on an earlier run through with a different group... said group did not have enough DPS, and we wiped 4+ times on Vorpil before someone "had to go". Might have been me. Wasn't a huge loss, let me put it that way.

The next day I went for a Steam Vault run to get my second key shard. Party composition was paladin(me), mage, (Dwarf) priest, feral druid, and a shaman. 8 or 9 pulls in the mage goes AFK for the second time. Not a good sign, so we replace him with Omi one of my good friends from my guild, who's also a warlock. So we proceed to burn our way through it, getting the DPS caster ring from Hydromancer Thespia for Omi and the Gauntlets of the Bold from Kalithresh (not amazing but good until I can get my Felsteel Gloves made). Was pretty clean, but since some people were new it took a bit more time to explain the boss fights.

When we finished, we decide to do another run since we got through it pretty well.
This run I totally cleaned up! Got the purple judgement helm from Mekgineer Steamrigger, then busted out with mega loot from
Warlord Kalithresh when he dropped both the Breastplate of the Righteous and the Devilshark Cape. I asked if it was okay if I got both, b/c I didn't want to be greedy, and they said it'd be okay, as long as we did another run. I was down for that, so we did a fast burn through. This time, Omi's the one who scored big time... She got the recipe for the Battlecast Hood and the hard-to-get Primal Nether to make it with (and remember this was normal mode so that makes it super rare). Woo!

After that didn't do much else. Just worked on finishing up quests in BEM, Netherstorm and SMV. Did a Mana-Tombs run for Meloni on Monday. Somehow I kept putting GBoS on myself (I suspect I was accidentally put it on the other paladin. That made tanking a little harder. >.>


Sean said...

A little tanking tip on Murmur -

I got hit with sonic boom a lot until I tried standing as far away from him as possible. He has a pretty big box, and if you're on the edge of it and pay close attention to when he does his emote you can get away pretty quickly.

Kaziel said...

Thanks, and I kinda knew this already, but it's a matter of figuring out where to stand to be out of range of the Sonic Boom. Once I'm able to know exactly how far I need to go, it will be much easier. This is one area where you warriors have an advantage with intercept (or whatever that in-combat charge ability is).