Thursday, May 10, 2007

How much should speccing give?

WoWInsider has started a feature called "Hybrid Theory" and the first post in the series was dedicated to us Prot Paladins. This, of course, got a number of responses some from Paladins cheering it, and others from Warriors basically saying along the lines of "Fsck you! You're not stealing our spot!" Now this is to be expected to a degree. Warriors, whether they like tanking or not, want to raid, and since being a tank is the only guaranteed way to ensure that you can join a raiding guild (since some of them are probably just as Loot as Reward players) they will spec as they need to, to get what they want. Probably the response that ticked me off the most was response 14:
This article sucks.

Why do Prot Pallies expect to be as good as a warrior at tanking?

You want to tank as good as a warrior, give buffs, heal, Lay on Hands, and have auras?? I'm sorry but that is overpowered, why don't you just ask for fireballs that come out your #$$ too.

You are a hybrid class, thats right a hybrid class....don't expect to be the best in are good at mutiple things.
The question this entire thread raised to me was... if you spec a certain way, you're giving up abilities in one area for abilities in other. If someone specs at least 31 points into any given tree, shouldn't they be, if not on par with others in every situation, have abilities that make them preferable in some situations, and generally equal to others of a similar spec? Esp. when speccing for something as (comparatively) limited as a tanking spec?

Some of what they say can be excused as ignorance. What they think: "If paladins are equal to us, they can tank Gruul, heal themselves, bubble to save themselves, and tons of other stuff we can't do!!!! It's not fair!" Reality: We can just tank. If we cast any spell that's not instacast we put our shield and sword away (no parry and block), and don't dodge. Bubble is even worse, as we know, because it moves you to the bottom of the aggro list. As a tank, it's better for me to die than to bubble.

What I believe (and hope) Blizzard is working towards is independent styles of tanking. Have each class (Warriors, Druids and Paladins) be able to pull it's own weight in general on bosses, but have each type have a strength and a weakness on certain types of bosses. For example, since Paladins generate a large amount of their hate from shield blocks (though a combination of Holy Shield and BoSanc) when fighting bosses that are long, uninterruptable casters, suddenly you have these 2+ second periods where you are still taking damage, but not generating your normal additional threat. Not cool. Warriors on the other hand, have the spell reflection talent, that makes them ideally suited for fighting casters.

If things go as I hope, there will be a reason to have at least one of each type of tank along for the ride when raiding.


Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that Warriors think its totally fair that they have two raid accepted roles (DPS and Tank) while Paladin's should have only one.

Kaziel said...

Actually, for the place where Paladin tanks have the most trouble justifying their position currently (those guilds where every class has a spec and it's spec this way or get out) usually have only one accepted role for Warriors, which is "Tank". If you think about it from that perspective, since they are only allowed to spec Protection, if another class threatened their spot, they'd get hostile too.

And honestly, unless Paladins suddenly markedly surpassed Warriors in terms of tanking abilities, it'd be an incredibly hard sell to get even one Pally tank accepted in those guilds.

The other type of guild is run by or has many Warriors in positions of power, and not that they will admit it, but they are biased. Of course by that I really mean that many people are biased towards their own class.