Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In our cocoon...

Let's imagine for a moment, all classes are various forms of the Lepidoptera order. Endgame (whether it's PvP, 5-man or Raid) viability represents the adult phase, while being unviable in that aspect represents the larva phase. Just because they are the most commonly recognized of the Lepidoptera order, we'll refer to them as butterflies. Warriors and feral druids are already there. They are flying around in the sunlight that is tanking being all pretty and stuff. Then there are paladins. We are not yet butterflies. Instead there is a middle phase where the caterpillar is transforming from it's previous form to a beautiful butterfly. We are actually being considered which is far more than pre-expansion, but we are not there yet. Paladins are currently going through the metamorphosis into viable raid tanks, but growth is still to come.

My point in this is for someone who finds he likes tanking, not just paladin tanking, but tanking in general, it sucks. That's me... I tank in FFXI, I tank in WoW, I tank in CoH, and I'll probably tank in WAR. I like tanking. But playing a tanking class that isn't working the way it should makes it less fun. On the one hand, I know (not think, but know) eventually paladins will be able to stand next to warriors and druids as equals, but not yet and it sucks.

Two side notes:
First, here's a thought, make the coefficient for Spiritual Attuenment 15-20%. That should help, right?

Second, a quote from myself on crushing blows, and the referred change to it from the Stratics WoW Dev Chat:
The problem I'm referring to isn't getting enough of stat A, or getting enough of stat B. I can get anything up to where it needs to be. The problem comes with the amount of fine tuning I need to do to reach uncrushable, 10,000+ health, and a decent amount of spell damage (which for me is 250). A warrior needs to make sure he has 490 defense, and a shield. After that, they can get anything they want. Need more health, get some STA. Need some more damage, get some STR, AP or +hit. And any dodge or parry they get? That's just icing on the cake.

IMO, the reason we have defense and crushing blows and all that jazz is it's a giant gear check, and also a way of ensuring that classes who were never intended to tank (Rogues or Shamans for example) aren't trying to tank raids. If they introduced alternate methods that allowed paladins, who are meant to tank to not be so penalized because they don't have Shield Block, thus allowing us to direct more of our gear towards important stats like health or spell damage, I would be 100% behind it.

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