Tuesday, May 22, 2007

FFXI night.

Last night was my normal set party night. We met up a little late (9:30 instead of 9PM), and went out to a new spot. Good news was the mobs we fought, fishes, were much nicer than the crawlers which had been our staple before. Mobs that could do 800 damage fire breaths are not cool at all (note for non-FFXI players: I only have around 1250 HP). Bad news was the first place we went had a ghost spawn right on top of the camp after about an hour of us being there. Boo. :( Anyway, after teleporting away to safety, we went back and found a good spot where we can get fish during the night when the crawlers are asleep, and mix up crawlers and fish during the day. Yay!

After we finished up around midnight I logged onto WoW to see Hallikar online. Hallikar is the only Blacksmith I know of on my server who can make Bracers of the Green Fortress. Total price ended up being around 600g including paying for the Primal Nether he had, but for the best pair of bracers pre-Karazhan it was worth it. Helped friends out on a quest, and did a little bit of questing myself, but nothing big. Was already tired when I finished up with FFXI, so I called it shortly after getting my bracers.

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