Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WoW Journal 2007-05-30

Last night was pretty good. Did a few group quests with a PuG, and a guildie. That gets me down to 2 or 3 group quests to complete in Netherstorm. After that got into a Arcatraz PuG run around 11. Since it was the first run for three of us, it took a little longer. Having never completed the whole thing on any of my characters (the farthest I got was the final room) it was a pleasant change to actually complete it all. Nothing dropped for me but I was able to complete three more quests, including getting the third and final Karazhan Key shard. All that's left now is doing a Black Morass run. Also, turning in the "Kill Harbinger Skyriss" quest pushed me over into revered with Sha'tar. Woot! That's two heroic keys. Time to go update my list. :D

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