Friday, June 1, 2007

Last two days...

Normally on Wednesdays I go out with my friends from the comic store I go to. The last few weeks I've been in a rut and really not been up for doing much socializing IRL, so I've skipped out on it. Well, this week I showed up and went out with them. I stuck around from 9 to 10:30PM before I called it quits. So that amounted to only about an hour or so of farting around in WoW.

Last night was another FFXI night. We are currently doing what's generally considered to be the hardest mission in that mission set (if not the game entirely...) called "One to be Feared" (how appropo...). Basically it's a fight against 7 mobs, over 45 minutes. The first fight is against 5 mammets, which are all hard hitters. With only 6 of us, that means I take on 2, one is kited, one is straight killed, and one is offtanked by Carbuncle (don't google it unless you add some sort of tag to make it look for Final Fantasy related content... x.x). Kill order is Straight Kill > Kited > Offtanked > My first one > My second one. We then move onto Omega. Despite the name, he is not actually the last boss. This guy just really isn't fair. He has a metric butt-ton of HP, hits pretty hard and most of his attacks are either AOEs (thus they devastate the Dragoon we have along) or they have nasty status effects like Stun or Paralyze. Last night we got him down, but by the time we did it we only had 10 minutes left. The upside was that we got to see the final boss, Ultima. Good news: She has much less HP. Bad news: She hits like a ton of bricks. I went down around the 3 minute mark, and with how rez sickness works in FFXI, it was over. But we learned a lot. Won't be meeting next week, since our Summoner has some real life concerns but the week after we're aiming for a win! :D

Afterwards I went and played some WoW, got the last few bars of Felsteel I needed for my Felsteel gloves. Then hit up the AH only to realize the price of a pair of Felsteel Gloves is about 80% cheaper than just selling the amount of Felsteel bars on the AH and buying them. >.> So I did. And sold the bars. ^^/ That makes 7 items gotten, 10 to go! Also the Felsteel Gloves allowed me to finally break 490 defense, so I am normally uncrittable! Go me!

Also, my guild finally broke off from our former multi-guild raiding alliance. This had been coming a long time and a lot of members and officers were not happy with us being in. In fact only one officer voted to stay in. With how it is, we're now going to be putting forth some real effort to go to Karazhan. This means I really need to step up my efforts to upgrade my gear and get rep with certain factions (KoT, Sha'tar, and Scryers). Being realistic, I'm probably not going to get uncrushable before we step into Kara for the first time, but based on what Dreamcrusher said here I feel that if I can reach 10k health unbuffed, I should be good enough to tank. ^^;


Joe said...

10k? I have 11,250ish as a hunter(for pvp) This involves alot of STA gems of course. I do remember I used to have about 7kish and I died alot in Pvp. Hp do help :P

Good luck in Kara.

Kaziel said...

Technically, it would be quite easy for me to reach 10k+ health. The key is reaching 10k health, keeping my defense, spell damage, and mana decent as well. I only said health, but it's not all on it's own all that matters.