Monday, June 18, 2007

Posting Meta...

A post about my blog on my blog. Go go Meta!

It still kinda boggles my mind that anyone but me reads this, even more so that people actually are interested in what I write. I think I keep my self-image low to keep myself from being too arrogant. As it already stands, in areas where I know I know my shit, and I am very self-confident about those subjects, almost arrogantly so. So on stuff like this when I do well (or at least not badly) it just boggles my mind.

Anyway, hello to all you people out there reading this. Helloooo!


Nibuca said...

You're one of the very few Paladin blogs. You have good things to say. You're where I want to be.

Pfft.. try finding a Warlock blog. Those are the most close-mouthed bunch of demon oppressors ever. Pallys are much nicer.


Galoheart said...

I actually ready your blog daily or at lest i stop by and strike it with a hit to see if your posted anything new.

I actually learn alot of stuff from your posting. Often its perspective. In the maintankadin forum i also read your stuff from the name ID. I learn stuff there too. If i can comment on something i know something about i would or will from experience.

However i'm a Junoir Paladin and your way past me and doing the higher end stuff and Heroics and stuff. So basically i'm just taking a back seat and learning through your experience.

Its not that i can't do dont comment often. My intelligence of things you already know and of our class is nothing compared to your level of expertise. How can one compare with that. Like to read your thoughts, perspective is interesting. On another note...Good Paladin Blogs are hard to find.

Joyd said...

For what it's worth, I hit your blog up at least once a day and have even read through the archives some. As a paladin still working his way up - I'm more or less in Galo's range - I like to hear what more experienced members of the class have to say. Your blog is also my major source for news on other MMO's. You were one of my major inspirations, in fact, for the little blog I've started up at

Michael said...


I read your blog whenever I'm trying to avoid actually working. (The company firewall allows, but not the likes of

Its always nice to read-up on what other paladin's are doing, and what gear I need to be going after.

Keystone said...

Paladins sure are a bloggy bunch. I see more Paladin blogs than other classes; however, they tend too be well written and coherent.

My first character was a Paladin that I leveled to 60 before trying other classes. I've since left my Paladin for my now 70 Mage, but I still like to checkup on the Paladin world to see what I'm missing. I might return to my Paladin someday!