Monday, June 4, 2007

WoW Journal 2007-06-04

Busy weekend? Oh yes!

Friday was pretty quiet. Did some farming, a run in Mechanar, and planned out working on doing Karazhan prep runs for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we did a Shadow Labs run first. First off had two thrilling "feared into a tiny hole in the wall and fall through the world" experiences when fighting Ambassador Hellmaw. *grumbles* Got to the third boss only to realize that we don't have enough DPS. Party consisted of Prot Pally (me), Boomkin, Priest, Warlock and other pally. I don't mention a spec on the last one, because he doesn't really have one. He's 28/14/19. *sigh* We had him trying to DPS, but in a healing fight like Grandmaster Vorpil, everyone needs to be doing something to contribute, and his lack of a definite spec was, IMO, hurting him a lot. He prefers to be "flexible", but in this case we needed a lot of DPS. He simply did not have good gear to balance out his bad spec, or a good spec to balance out his subpar gear. So tonight or tomorrow I get to send him an in-game mail with a brief explanation.

After that, we did a in-guild run through Black Morass so I could get my Karazhan Key and work on my Keeper of Time faction. We took one of our 68 guildies, and while I love her to death and wouldn't tell her this in person, we pretty much carried her. If it wasn't for bringing one of the guild rogues, we probably wouldn't have made it through. Even then it took three tries (first failure didn't count b/c one of the others was having issues with his mods). Anyway, completing Black Morass and the quest that goes alone with it got me about 1250 rep away from revered.

On Sunday I tried to find a group for Black Morass to no avail, but I did get into a Mechanar run and was able to get Mhairwen in. Almost got Sigel in, but another rogue decided to be greedy and turned him away. In a moment of judicious irony, just before we got to Pathaleon he disconnected and didn't come back allowing Sigel to replace him and get the rogue D3 chestpiece that Pathaleon dropped. Nothing dropped for Mhair though. :(

Later that night we did a Durnholde run for Mhair, Ari, and Meloni so they could gain access to Black Morass for later on. Anyway, easy but fun run. :) Got another 1000~ rep with Keepers of Time... which left me a stone's throw away from revered. *growl* So after we finished up I got into another Black Morass run. This time we used the "Paladin uses rank 1 Consecrate and grabs all the adds" method, and it worked like a champ. Seriously. We shaved 10-15 minutes off the entire run since everyone was focusing on the boss or pulling the adds off me, instead of trying to keep the adds off Medivh. We didn't even need a beacon around Medivh for when we were fighting Temporus. ^^b And I got a Latro's Shifting Sword from Aeonus, b/c we had no other melees than me, and it makes for a great soloing sword. 1.4 speed means tons of Seal/Jugdment of Wisdom/Light procs when soloing and with decent DPS it will be more use than a caster sword when AOE grinding. Woo!

All in all it was a good weekend. I got keyed for Karazhan. I reached revered with Keepers of Time. I got the Continuum Blade. I got the Timekeeper's Leggings. I reached 88.2% crush avoidance with Holy Shield. I got over 10,000 health unbuffed.

That last one is one of the most important in my mind because it represents a point where I've reached that means I'm ready for stuff beyond just normal 5-mans. Heroics and Raids. And I realize that if the only difference between pre and post revered with KoT is about 500-800 health, and if that's the only thing consistently keeping me alive I'm not ready, but it's more of a psychological barrier than an actually gear limitation. Anyway, starting next week I'm going to finish up getting the rep I need with Lower City and Honor Hold to get keyed for the last two heroics and start working on getting the Badges of Justice I need. ^^b Also need to keep an eye out for some shadow resist plate so I can survive taking on Heroic Pandemonius.

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Galoheart said...

Congrats on getting keyed on Karazhan. Be a while before i get anywhere close.