Thursday, June 7, 2007

WoW Journal 2007-06-07

Not much to report. Tuesday I helped some guildies do a Sethekk Halls run. Still no ring recipe, which is the only thing I want from there. Run could have gone better, but I was really just too proud. We had a hunter, a druid, and a rogue along with us and I didn't use any CCs. I thought "Oh I'm 70. I'll be fine." And I kept that mentality the entire time. As the saying goes: Pride goeth before a fall. Now that I've gotten a reality check, I'm ready to start helping people again and quit being a arrogant jerk.

Last night I did 1.2 Shadow labs runs. The second one was a full run. Decent group, save the rogue. He wasn't a bad DPSer. In fact, he was quite good at killing stuff. Unfortunately in most other aspects (pulling, sapping, stealthing) he pretty much blew. Took us a few tries on Vorpil because despite having enough DPS, the hunter (good guy) tried to kill the VWs instead of focusing on Vorpil. On the third try we got him down with little effort. Pulled him south then north, then south, and got him down before the third teleport. ^^-b Took out Murmur first try. Still haven't gotten down the nuances of getting away from the Sonic Boom but I did it one time (the others I didn't notice the boom being cast in time so I just ate it).

The other group we made it to the Fel Overseers before I said "Sorry, but this isn't working out." Party consisted of Warlock, Warlock, Shaman, Warrior and me. Now, before I got invited I asked "Need me to tank?" and I got the reply "Yeah, we can use you." This kinda sent up a yellow flag in my mind, but I just shrugged it off. So I arrive to find a warrior with a shield and
Crystalline Kopesh... First thing he says? "I'm MT." So it goes like this:
Me: So what am I supposed to do?
Warlock1: u can offtank n offheal. (personal note: Shaman was Main healer)
Me: Umm... I can only really do one or the other, and off-tanking isn't really needed here.
Warlock1: oh, then DPS
Me: I... don't DPS. I either heal or tank. (personal note: technically I can DPS, but it's like a holy priest DPSing... it can be done, and they have some cool tricks, but in general it's not worth it...)
So I just struggle along, doing what I can, fighting with the warrior as he almost always trys to grab the mob I'm offtanking.

This goes on until we get to the Fel Overseers. This is like... the one point in this instance where having an offtank can be a real boon instead of just a somewhat helping hand. The offtank stands back out of the way of the fear and taunts when the main tank is feared to keep the Fel Overseer off the squishies. So first I say "I'll taunt on the Fel Overseer, then the MT can pull it off me and I'll back away." Good plan, but... I don't know why but he couldn't seem to pull it off me (no taunt?) even when I stopped auto attacking and turned around. We both get feared, and squishies die.

So the next fight I tell him "Okay, so this time you stay away after I taunt until I get feared. Then you taunt to pull the mob." What does the tank do? The moment he gets unfeared he runs over and starts hitting the mob. Jesus fuck people. So we both get feared... yeah, you guessed it, squishies die.

At this point I'm like "Fuck this shit." After we beat that fel overseer, I rez the dead squishy and tell the group "I'm sorry, but this isn't going to work out." As I leave, I send an angry tell to the leader about telling a person what their role is going to be before they invite someone. Only after I send it do I realize this isn't the person who invited me, but someone who was given the lead to do the marking. I apologize profusely and we chat, with her agreeing that it was a bad move to invite me. So yeah, I got maybe a handful of rep from that run. *grumbles*

All said, I'm currently about 1000~500 rep to revered with Lower City. Since I don't really want much from Shadow Labs (the healing chest piece is all) but I really want the JC fire ring recipe from Sethekk Halls, having the Heroic key for Auchindoun will be a big boon. Tonight gonna go for Revered with Lower City, then start working on Revered with Honor Hold. ^^b


Brodir said...

Just a note that might help on the Fel guys in SL. If EVERYONE stands in his crotch, healers and all, when they fear, all but the tank get feared. Yes, that's right, the tank won't be feared and he just continutes to hold them.

Makes these guys super easy! Enjoy!!

Kaziel said...

I was already aware of it, but until the day I can Five Box, all I can do is tell them. I can't make people do anything, and most casters reflexively move to max or close to max range. So it happens anyway. Since I'm a paladin I'm usually pretty good at pulling them back, since they are demons and Exorcism is instacast. But thanks for the advice anyway. ^^