Thursday, June 14, 2007

WoW Journal 2007-06-14

Oh yeah, forgot to mention a couple days ago (Tuesday I think...) that I got my hands on an Ace of Furies. For those that are unfamiliar with the basic concept, the Darkmoon Faire has scattered cards of various types to the four winds. Cards 2-8 of each deck drop from various mobs of the appropriate levels as global drops. Certain bosses are either the lone droppers of an ace or will drop a range of aces. Originally there were only 4 decks, and with 2.1, Blizz added four new decks of cards for people to find. Once you collect all 8 cards, you combine them into a deck of cards which you can trade in at the Darkmoon Fair for a "Darkmoon Card" which is a trinket.

Well, one deck is called the Furies deck. If you collect all 8 cards, and turn them into the fine folks at the Darkmoon Faire, you get the Darkmoon Card: Vengeance. This trinket, has two effects, first it gives 51 Stamina... Think about that... including the talent that increases my stamina by 6%, means it gives an additional 540~ health! That additional health would be enough on it's own, but there's more! Each time I get hit there's a 10% chance to deal 90-110 holy damage to the enemy that hit me. Rumor has it that said holy damage is affected by Righteous Fury (which would make sense as to why they made it Holy damage). This thing is incredible! I'm currently at 5/8 cards.

In terms of what I've been doing as of late: On Tuesday got a Shattered Halls run which pushed me up to Revered, and got me my Gauntlets of Righteousness. In addition to getting the HFC Heroic Key, I also got the pattern for the Figurine - Dawnstone Crab, which I'm now using. After that I did a few Black Morass runs for guildies, and last night did a Underbog run helping to get Mhairwen her D1 recolor, since prior to Heroics that's the _only_ Balance Druid gear available. Otherwise it's been a fairly calm few nights.

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