Monday, June 18, 2007

WoW Journal 2007-06-18

Gah... I really need to get more sleep. Had two cups of coffee this morning... But that's neither here nor there. z_z

Busy busy busy weekend.

Friday... uh... *scratches head* I don't even remember what I did on Friday. Obviously nothing important. Probably was just out farming. Currently at 7/8 Furies card. Thrice damned Eight of Furies! Why isn't anyone selling you for a reasonable price. The only one I've seen up has been up for something like 700g Buyout. What the fuck? Sorry, but I refuse to pay more for one of the number cards than I do for the Ace.

First on Saturday I got into the end of an Arcatraz run. I joined in, literally, on the last room. We cleared the two Infernals and the two Doomguards, and then the final encounter. Didn't get the ring I wanted, but it's all good, more Sha'tar rep is win.

Next, I did my first Heroic. I hopped into LFG and got invited to a Heroic Slave Pens run. Upside: Now have a better grasp of how a Heroic works. Downside: OW. God damn those trash mobs hit hard. Trashmobs in heroics don't have much more health than in normal (or at least not much more than they would if they were level 70). Trash mobs hitting for 1.5-3k a swing? Fuck me. Thankfully the bosses aren't a lot harder than they were normally (again, if they were all 70-72), but damn those trash mobs hurt. We fought our way to the final boss, but (this is just a guess) the healer wasn't up to snuff for the fight. Or maybe we just didn't have enough healing. Or maybe I'm just not ready for Heroics (need more health?). But either way, we didn't get him down. While I didn't get what I wanted (Purple Judgment Belt), I did get my first two Badges of Justice and a fair amount of CE rep. :)

After that, Mhair, who had been gone all day, got home and we did a Steam Vault and Mechanar run, getting Omi, Mhair, Meloni, and Ari their second Kara shard and the top half of the Arcatraz key.

Sunday was fairly calm by comparison to Saturday. Around 2ish did an Arcatraz run for the key shards for the above listed. Got to show them the wonders of Millhouse Manastorm! Then followed it up with doing a Black Morass run, which was, by far, the smoothest attempt I've ever been in. That got the last four mains in the guild (currently) keyed for Karazhan. This puts the guild at 11 people keyed, which makes us ready to begin running Karazhan. ^^ My net at home is currently down, so I can't post on my guild forums. As soon as they are up, gonna talk to the other officers about how we want to do loot (drama avoidance if possible, please!).


Sean said...

I strongly suggest not using any type of point system. Honestly, I have more faith in officers (if they're competent) deciding who gets what. I guess it's worked for my guild for a long time... I have yet to personally see it in action, but I've heard good things from my ex-roommates.

Kaziel said...

While I'm not discounting what you are saying, I think a good read for you (or for that matter anyone who raids) is this post from one of the blogs I read: